Model LS-30 Wood Splitter

PRICE: $14,250.00

For high production log splitting

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Most of us who make Mighty Ox log splitters heat our homes with wood we split ourselves. That's a lot of experience making little ones out of big ones, so we know wood splitting first hand.

Over the years we weren't so impressed by the wood splitters we had. So we made our own. That's why a Mighty Ox is easier on the back, more rugged, more powerful and so much more reliable than other wood splitters in their classes.

The Mighty Ox LS-30 is built for high production, and lifts up to 1,200 pounds with capacity to spare. The rugged 1/2 inch steel plate components will never let you down, and the power… how about splitting a log over 36 inches in diameter? And the six-wedge splitter multiplies production. That's six pieces of split firewood per stroke!

So, now you can get the firewood splitter that's as rugged as you can get, at a price that is more than competitive. When you compare to any other wood splitter, you'll see for yourself a Mighty Ox log splitter is a better value by far.

You're going to love splitting firewood with Mighty Ox at your side, guaranteed.

lifts 300 pounds

Log Lifter handles up to 1,200 lbs. like a feather

hydraulic controls

Convenient hydraulics control the lift, wedge height, ram block and elevator height.

dual hydraulics

Dual hydraulics let you complete two operations at the same time; more work in less time.

20 inch ram block

Huge 17" removable ram block is the biggest in the industry; more easily handles big sizes.

20 inch ram block

The ram block lifts off when needed to expose super-power ram wedge for tough wood.

six-way wedge

Six-way Wedge raises and lowers to target the log at the height you prefer.