Model V-20 Wood Splitter

PRICE: $3,150.00

Greater versatility, easy to tow, and easy to operate

model V20

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The Mighty Ox V-20 splits wood in two modes. You can split wood in the horizontal position, with smaller logs that are easily handled at waist level.

Then, the rugged V-20 tilts to the vertical position to handle logs that are just too large to lift. The 20-tons of splitting torque splits wood with a single powerful wedge, such as for stringy hardwoods like oak and hickory.

The optional 4-way wedge slides on to add higher production firewood splitting capacity in either the horizontal or vertical positions.

The Mighty Ox V20 is built to be just as rugged and durable its big cousins. No other firewood splitter in its class gives you as much value dollar for dollar.

Put a Mighty Ox at your side today, and make firewood splitting easier on your back, and faster to finish!

10 inch wedge

Single wedge splits logs up to 27" thick.

optional 4-way wedge

Optional 4-way wedge slides on.

splits wood sideways

Powerful enough to spit wood sideways.