You can be proud of a hard day's work and a job well done.

Mighty Ox outdoor power equipment is engineered for smooth running performance, built for high production, requires minimal maintenance and helps your finish faster.

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  • Split logs 36" or more in diameter with the Mighty Ox L-30 Wood Splitter
  • The Model 3000 Wood Chipper is a manual feed system powered by tractor PTO
  • Pile wood 12' height with the Mighty Ox LS-30 Wood Splitter and E-20 Elevator
  • The Mighty Ox 5000 Wood Chipper devours branches up to 5-1/2" in diameter
  • The Model LS-30 Wood Splitter is perfect for high production log splitting
  • The Mighty Ox 5500 Wood Chipper is equipped with a hydraulic feed system
Mighty Ox Wood Splitters

A Mighty Ox is the best wood splitter you'll find in this price range. Buy them direct from the people who make them right here in Lancaster County.

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Mighty Ox Wood Chippers

Mighty Ox Wood Chippers are made to work mounted to a PTO drive tractor. They provide professional grade performance at an ideal price point.

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