Professional Log Splitters

Increase profitability with log splitters that work as hard as you do

The Best Commercial Log Splitters for Businesses

From hydraulic lifts to wood elevators, Mighty Ox professional log splitting equipment is the tool of choice for splitting and lumber businesses of all sizes.

If you’re looking to make work easier, your business more efficient, and increase your bottom line, Mighty Ox’s lineup of powerful and reliable commercial log splitters won’t be beat.

Zip through wood with ease, with Mighty Ox.

Our Commercial Log Splitters

Mighty Strength & Flexibility

Mighty Ox splitters are built heavier than any other splitter on the market. A whopping 30 tons of wood-splitting pressure capable of ripping through logs as wide as 48”.

Powerful & reliable

Honda drivetrain with 30-inch cylinder stroke (also available in 24”), powerful enough to split small logs sideways! Optional 4-way wedge available.

Compact & easy-to-maneuver

The L-30/30 is perfect for urban environments to tackle even the toughest of droughted city trees.

Mighty Ox L-30/24 and 30/30 “Chunk Buster” Commercial Log Splitters


With a hydraulic lift capable of rolling 1,200lb logs into the splitting wedge, there’s a reason we call it the chunk buster.

Built tough, durable, and ready for heavy-duty log splitting, the Model L-30/30 and 30/24 make even the gnarliest wood chunks a breeze – save your back, save time, and bust the biggest logs with ease. The lifting tray is a must-have for the heavy stuff, and just as valuable for throwing on and stockpiling small-to-medium pieces… and for using as a material platform after splitting big pieces!

These models are very popular in the rental industry.

Available Options:

  • Electric start
  • 6-way wedge
  • Faster cycle time

Features and Specifications

Mighty Ox H-30/30 and H-30/24 “High-Pro” Commercial Log Splitter


If you’re looking for maximum productivity and fast, efficient log splitting, the High-Pro is it.

Moving faster than any of our other models and coming standard with a 6-way wedge, plus adjustable height control and dual hydraulics for use with an elevator or conveyor, you won’t find a faster way to get through your log splitting project – and increase profitability for your business.

Made with reliability first and foremost, the High-Pro is our answer to making things easier for professional log splitting.

Available Options:

  • 4-way wedge
  • 20HP engine with 28GPM hydraulic pump
  • Auto cycle
  • Oil cooler

Adjustable Height

Height-adjustable 6-way wedge tackles large logs with ease while optional Tension Wings keep split wood in place.

Hydraulic Technology

Dual hydraulics accommodate elevator, making moving split wood easier than ever.

Safety-First Design

Hydraulic arm lifts large wood pieces up to 1,200 pounds into place for less risk of injury and peace of mind.

Features and Specifications

Ready for the Best in Commercial Log Splitters?

Made in the USA with American components that are built to last, Mighty Ox’s commercial log-splitting equipment is the perfect solution for an easier and more productive log-splitting operation.

Call to learn more, find a dealer, or place your order directly from the factory today.

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Split Like a Pro

Mighty Ox E-20 and E-28 Elevator Conveyors

Stop hand-hauling or throwing split wood around the project site, and get more efficient with your time, by adding a powerful and helpful Mighty Ox elevator to your operation.

Available in two lengths of 20’ or 28’, the Mighty Ox Elevator Conveyor can help you load trucks, pile wood for inventory, and get wood off and away from your splitter faster than ever.

Mighty Ox E-20
Elevator Conveyor


Mighty Ox E-28
Elevator Conveyor


Go Easy On Your Back With A Residential Log Splitter By Mighty Ox

If you’re investing in your first home log splitter – or you’re tired of repairing your existing log splitter – the Mighty Ox V-20/24 is the perfect solution. Built for discerning homeowners who care about quality and dependability, the Mighty Ox stands head and shoulders above the competition for so many reasons.

Worry-Free Functionality

We call it the Up ‘N Down for a reason: you can use it horizontally, like you may be used to, as well as vertically! Save time and your back with a log splitter that lets you leave the wood near the ground. For large pieces, simply swing the Model V-20/24 upright and let the downward splitting action do the rest.

Built to Last

Built heavy duty and with components that can last a lifetime, the V-20 makes splitting logs worry-free. Powder-coated American steel, a dependable Honda GX drivetrain, and easy-to-service hydraulics are a homeowner’s dream.

Split More Wood In Less Time

Put your axe away once and for all with a wood splitter that works as hard as you do. With a 14-second cycle time, 27” log capacity, and optional 4-way splitting wedge, the Model V-20 will handle just about anything you bring into your backyard in no time.


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