Mighty Ox Log Splitters

Residential Log Splitters

Starting At $4,200

Mighty Ox residential log splitters are designed with homeowners in mind, providing a perfect balance of power and convenience. These log splitters combine professional-grade strength with user-friendly features, allowing homeowners to easily lift and split wood up to 30″ in diameter. Stocking up on firewood for personal use or starting a roadside stand has never been more accessible or convenient.

Professional Log Splitters

Starting At $8,900

Mighty Ox professional-grade log splitters deliver unmatched performance and efficiency for businesses and side hustlers looking to maximize their profitability. Our powerhouse log splitters leverage hydraulic technology to effortlessly lift and split logs up to 48″ wide, making them ideal for tackling large-scale wood-splitting tasks. Shop various models to find the perfect Mighty Ox to streamline your operations.