Residential Log Splitters

Entry-level log splitters that will save your heating bill and your back

Put The Axe Down With The Best Home Log Splitter from Mighty Ox

Mighty Ox log splitters are engineered for smooth running performance, built for high production, require minimal maintenance, and help you heat your home faster and more easily.

American-made and manufactured in Fort Plain, NY, Mighty Ox makes light-duty residential log splitters that won’t let you down.

Single wedge splits logs up to 24” long (optional 4-way splitting wedge slides on easily)

Horizontal splitting operates at waist level for smaller wood pieces

Vertical splitting operates inches off the ground for large, heavy wood pieces

The Mighty Ox V-20/24 “Up ‘N Down” Log Splitter


The perfect entry-level log splitter for those who care about quality and reliability.

What we call “light duty” is a major step up from other cheap log splitters on the market. Maintenance is a breeze, parts are readily available, and everyone is powered by the reliability of a Honda GX powertrain.

Great for handling a wide range of wood species up to 30” in diameter, the V-20 easily converts from horizontal splitting to vertical – perfect for splitting large chunks without lifting them up into place!

Features and Specifications

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Split Like a Pro

Go Easy On Your Back With A Residential Log Splitter By Mighty Ox

If you’re investing in your first home log splitter – or you’re tired of repairing your existing log splitter – the Mighty Ox V-20/24 is the perfect solution. Built for discerning homeowners who care about quality and dependability, the Mighty Ox stands head and shoulders above the competition for so many reasons.

Worry-Free Functionality

We call it the Up ‘N Down for a reason: you can use it horizontally, like you may be used to, as well as vertically! Save time and your back with a log splitter that lets you leave the wood near the ground. For large pieces, simply swing the Model V-20/24 upright and let the downward splitting action do the rest.

Built to Last

Built heavy duty and with components that can last a lifetime, the V-20 makes splitting logs worry-free. Powder-coated American steel, a dependable Honda GX drivetrain, and easy-to-service hydraulics are a homeowner’s dream.

Split More Wood In Less Time

Put your axe away once and for all with a wood splitter that works as hard as you do. With a 10-second cycle time, 24” log capacity, and optional 4-way splitting wedge, the Model V-20/24 will handle just about anything you bring into your backyard in no time.


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